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Little Nightmares 2 - An Awesome Video Game

Little Nightmares 2 - An Awesome Video Game

Horrors lurk around every corner in Small Nightmares 2's darkened city setting. This deadly game of hide and search picks up where the first left off, now using an entirely new set of twisted tormentors searching you through various dread-inducing locations. It's a formula that works, and also Small Nightmares 2 definitely has its fair share of exhilarating moments within the course of its own merry, four-hour duration, but it also plays a little secure, utilising a number of the first's puzzle-solving and stealth mechanics. Instead of being a shocking new horror, Little Nightmares 2's stem through the shadows finally turns out to be somewhat of a retread.

New protagonist Mono may seem different to the original game, donning a paper bag mask set of the identifying yellow raincoat, but his skill set is largely the same. The essential difference here's Mono's capacity to pick up and conjure a couple of distinct weapons to smash specific portions of the scenery, or even to swat off smaller enemies like the disembodied hands which stalk you through Small Nightmares 2's hospital degree. In addition, Mono is equipped with the services of Six herself, since she tags along as an AI-controlled spouse through a lot of the travel. Six's function is that of a somewhat more proactive variant of Yorda out of Ico, however, her relationship with Mono does not actually evolve in the partnership that created the PS2 classic so special.

Rather, Six acts as a

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