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What Is a Biodynamic Massage Treatment?

What Is a Biodynamic Massage Treatment?

Biodynamic massage has been developed by Gerda Boyesen at her farm in Norway during the early 1950s. In this technique, the oil extracted from the leaves and barks of the Aloe plant is used. The oil is from an Aloe variety only, and not the normal type that you see in cosmetics or skin care products. In fact, it hasn't been used before as a source of massage oil.

One of the main purposes of the oil extract of Aloe is to help heal tissues and heal individuals. As this technique aims at offering a deep healing effect in the body, the oil from Aloe plants should be pure and natural, and not artificial, synthetic, or processed. It also needs to be derived from plants with a lengthy history of use for healing, and that have been studied rigorously for therapeutic value. For this reason, no synthetic products can be used in the extraction process of the Aloe plant. In fact, there are only a few specialized companies which use this type of oil in Biodynamic massage therapy.

The use of Aloe in Biodynamic massage Cranial therapy was initially documented back in the 1930s in Germany, where it had been used to relieve sunburn and to prevent sunburn. Because it has such deep healing qualities, many practitioners started using Aloe as a means to treat deeper tissue injuries, like those that occur in athletes and those that occur in patients who are receiving chemot

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