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The beginning of the Great Saga

The beginning of the Great Saga

I first got accustomed to this wonderful film at the age of 8, then I saw one short excerpt at the addition of the picture (the moment each time a maniac chases an aunt within a swimsuit) then I watched merely a five-minute excerpt on 123 movies, and after that my parents sent me to bed. But I'll remember this passage through-out playing, in support of at the era of 13 I been able to watch the first section of the series.

"Scary Movie" is an original project. Parody films were already then, remember only "Hot Heads", "Naked Pistol", "Airplane ".But there weren't any well-known parodies of "horror stories" yet (except perhaps "The Scream" and "The Blair Witch"). And they were combine two in a: horror with youth comedy. But it discovered very well.

Another feature of "Very Scary Movie" could be that the film is kind of scary to see in places, and also at times very scary, but all at once it truly is homerically funny.

There is however one old American tradition: in case a comedy is extremely funny, then there are many of vulgarities in it. Very vulgar humor, maybe the main drawback of the entire series.

This part has become the best scenario coming from all, not the funnie

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