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Advantages of Manual Drainage Massage

Advantages of Manual Drainage Massage

Manual lymph drainage is just a form of massage centered around the theory that it will promote the standard flow of the lymph, this carrying waste products away from your tissues back into the heart. Lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage is frequently a part of a holistic program designed to fortify the immune system and improve the general performance of the human body. Lymphatic massage is also commonly referred to as cardiovascular drainage. The objective of lymphatic massage would be to enhance the circulatory system's capability to carry out its task.

The lymphatic system functions using the immune system by draining fluid collected in cells throughout the body. This fluid will help to protect cells by transporting substances like antibodies, white blood cells, minerals and vitamins through the body. There are three big elements that comprise the lymphatic system, so they are called lymphocytes, interferon, and fluid enriched protein (FEOP). Lymphocytes are the brokers involved in the response to infection, inflammation and disease. Interferon is a significant factor in destroying viruses and other dangerous bacteria.

A variety of massage methods are utilized for the use of lymphatic drainage. Among the most common techniques used is Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy or CDT. Topical Decongestive Therapy is a method of massage designed to invigora

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